Picture Hanging Made Easy

Hang one picture or create a beautiful collage of pictures in minutes! PicGENIE accu-hanger brackets mark the exact nail placement for you and eliminates all the guesswork. Our accu-hanger brackets can be randomly placed on the back of your frame and your picture will always hang straight! That’s right. If one is higher or lower than the other one, your pictures always hang straight!

It's Goof Proof

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PicGenie123 Picture Hanging Kit (32-Piece)

  • Hangs Pics up to 10lbs. (4-pack)
  • Model# N10-MK4D

  • Picture Hanging Made Easy

  • No measuring

  • Pinpoint accurate

  • Always hang straight

  • Includes 32-pieces


PicGenie123 Picture Hanging Kit (40-Piece)

  • Hangs Pics up to 50lbs. (4-pack)
  • Model# N50-MK4

  • Picture Hanging Made Easy

  • No measuring

  • Pinpoint accurate

  • Always hang straight

  • Includes 40-pieces



No Measuring

Fast, fun & easy to do! Our accu-hang system allows you to hang 10lb, 30lb and up to 50lb frames and mirrors with no measuring at all.

"Hanging letters using PicGENIE makes it so easy, I couldn’t believe it. I could hang each letter in the exact location where I wanted them without fail. Best product I’ve every used!"Russ M.


No more crooked pictures. Simply attach 2 accu-hangers, remove the tabs and hang your picture like a GENIE!

“Our framed posters were frequently falling to the floor in our activity room when players bumped the wall. We re-hung them using PicGENIE picture hanging kit. It was a very simple process and the posters have never fallen again. We love your product!”Leah D.
PicGenie123 Hang 10lbs 4-Pack
PicGenie123 Hang 10lbs 4-Pack

Pinpoint Accurate

The PicGENIE system is completely goof-proof. Whether it’s a heavy framed mirror, flat screen TV or a large framed picture you will have a straight hang EVERY TIME.

“PicGENIE is an AMAZING product. Talk about simplicity! I have hung several collages in my life and spent literally hours measuring all aspects of the frame, brackets, etc. to get it right. With this system, you simply position the picture, press against the wall, and your marks are left for the nails. Simply genius!“Chuck H.

Drywall Walls

Drywall is also referred to as Sheetrock or Gypsum wallboard substrate. PicGENIE Accu-Hanger Brackets are designed primarily for these types of walls. The tip or point on the break-away marking tabs easily push into the Drywall making small indentations. These indentations show you the exact location where you install the nails or our Atomic Anchors. No guessing, just pinpoint accuracy every time and your pictures hang straight forever.

Plaster and Hardboard Walls

Before making marks on Plaster or Hardboard walls, we suggest making two pads of 2” wide masking tape 4 or 5 layers thick and tape it to the wall where the Accu-Hanger brackets will be making the marks. The tip or point on the break-away marking tabs will make small indentations in both pads of masking tape when you push the picture frame against the wall. Tap nails in the marks far enough to make nail marks in the wall and remove them along with the masking tape. Then follow regular hanging instructions.

Roger Miller


Roger Miller is the inventor and owner of PicGENIE and PicGENIE123. He was raised in a large Midwestern, farming family and has eight siblings. While he was growing up, money was tight and creativity was extremely important. This characteristic has carried over into his adult life. He is interested in how things work and how to make things work better. His creative mind drove him to invent a better way to hang pictures and that's when PicGENIE was born.