Picture Hanging Made Easy

That’s right! I’ve invented the world’s best picture hanging solution.

Hi, I’m Roger Miller, the PicGenie guy. Like you, I hated hanging pictures, especially a wall collage. You spend days measuring this and that (actually guessing) as to where you are to install the nails or fasteners in the wall. After putting several holes in the wall behind each picture, you discover they are not in the exact position where you wanted them to hang and then they start to hang crooked over time. How frustrating! It’s like a nightmare that never ends.

Well, I did something about it. Let me introduce to you my new patented Smart Hangers. They make hanging items on your walls Fun, Fast & Easy-to-Do! They work so well; you literally can’t mess it up. Here’s why. Each Smart Hanger makes a mark on the wall showing you the exact location where you install a nail or fastener. This new technology allows you to attach two Smart Hangers RANDOMLY. Yes, that’s right…Randomly. If one is higher or lower than the other one, no problem. Your picture will always hang perfectly level FOREVER. Besides that, each Smart Hanger can be twisted off parallel with the top edge of the frame by up to 15° and your picture will still hang perfectly level. So, when we say randomly, that’s exactly what we mean. Wow, how easy is that? Watch my videos and you will agree.  

Picture hanging has never gotten so easy-to-do! You will love it. They hold up to 150 lbs